the black wreath

Album cover for 'Dedicated: A Decade of the Black Wreath'

A decade ago, 11.11.11, The Black Wreath was born.

This compilation is Dedicated to you. Ten tracks from ten artists recorded here, in the Dead Centre of Australia. Download it free.

Limited edition white vinyl (only 111 copies, shipping in January 2022):

Dedicated: A Decade of The Black Wreath

  1. Miazma - A Culture Defiled
  2. Southeast Desert Metal - Warrior
  3. Uncreation - Demonopathy
  4. Jeremy Whiskey - Taken Away
  5. Fleshvoid - Divine Disorder
  6. Exdemission - Desolation
  7. The Holy Dimes - She Dances
  8. Hell Machine - War on the Cross
  9. The Horror - Cumfilledeyesocket
  10. SNAKES - The Crossing

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